It's no secret contaminated water can threaten the health of your laboratory and the validity of your research. Life science and analytical labs must have complete confidence that their point-of-use water systems will provide optimum water quality every time. Filtration technologies include reverse osmosis, distillation, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and particle filtration.


Whether you need Type I, II or III water, we offer laboratory water purification systems that will meet your demanding specifications.


Ultrafilter UF-400 Defender

The Ultrafilter water purification system is a stand-alone system that consistently provides clean, filtered water for laboratory water applications. The system can be appplied universally to any Edstrom automated watering system and used as a standalone unit or as a prefilter for a reverse osmosis system, the Ultrafilter helps increase membrane life.



Filter Bank Station

The filter bank station is an ideal solution to improve the quality of drinking water for applications not using a purified water source. The filter bank station is a compact panel mount assembly with three filters that provide filtered drinking water for animal watering systems. This eliminates the need to put a 5-micron filter in each pressure reducing station to remove suspended particles which could potentially cause problems in the drinking valves.


Chlorine Injection Station

The Chlorine Injector Station is used in automated watering systems for laboratory animals and is a panel-mounted assembly that adds chlorine to water used for Recoil Hose Flush Stations, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and other applications which have a stable water flow. This station is also suitable for acidification applications.


Central Proportioner

The central proportioner is an automated, inline unit that provides trated drinking water to animal watering systems. The central proportioner provides a constant ration of chlorine, acid or medication to water as it flows through the unit.


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